Entry #5

New Website Design...

2008-01-18 15:22:31 by Lard-lad

Well, yeah, www.braindeadproductions.eu just got a revamp and it's lookin a lot better now.

Please leave comments and feedback, we appreciate it :D (sorry about the spelling, our web designer is disleksic, or however you spell that (perhaps I am too :P). It is being corrected.).


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2008-02-03 15:54:19

nice banner

Lard-lad responds:

thanks ;)


2008-02-05 06:53:50

You're the king!

Lard-lad responds:

haha, cheers Boobley, I mean Boogley x]

It's getting another makeover though cos the layout screws up on smaller resolutions...

man I really need to work on some *quality* animations for bdp...

anyway, this is too long already :P, byee.


2008-02-07 16:16:28

Hiii oliiiiii!

Lard-lad responds:

hehe, hii


2008-02-13 08:34:58

Great website! :) Is everything coded in HTML? How much did you pay for the domain name?

I'll try to learn HTML and php now, to make a website.

Lard-lad responds:

It's a mix of HTML and javascript I think. The domain name was about £3 a year or something ridiculously cheap :P


2009-04-01 01:03:00

Hey that's the name of one of my old submissions.. :P