Website disaster.

2007-12-29 14:14:09 by Lard-lad

Well BraindeadProductions had a huge setback a couple of weeks back when our Web Developer had his computer wiped, and all the Javascript and half of the main design that we had already built of our new website was lost. We were hopin for a January/February release of the new website but we've been set back to (optimistically) March, probably April.

It's bad news since our current site is not really up to standards and we want a fresh new scene.

Ah well, on we trudge.



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2007-12-29 15:18:46

That really does suck . . . I know how you feel. I've had a few evil eras with my site too, twas hacked three times, I deleted the DB twice by accident back when I didn't make backups and I've been hosted at about five free osts that dissapeared without notice.

Lard-lad responds:

Hmm, yeah that sucks. Well we've learnt our lesson, We've made full backups of everything now.


2007-12-30 09:30:55

dang i dotn really need my site ngs were i get do my thing

Lard-lad responds:

Yeah... i haven't put any of my stuff on newgrounds (mainly cos i don't think it would get a great score :P.

I'll put on the music vid im workin on when im finished though, it's of a better standard :)


2008-02-17 15:23:00

Hahahah lol i remember that. It was beth wasn't it?